It’s so nice to be supported (GP visit)

I had a great appointment with my GP last Friday morning.

The fertility clinic at the NHS ACU had said they’d need a letter of support from my GP/mental health team as part of the “welfare of the child assessment” so I went to speak to my GP about it. Continue reading

Perinatal Mental Health

HappySad FaceSo, I’ve hinted/skimmed over this before but I have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Specifically Bipolar II which is characterised by mainly experiencing periods of depression, and a “milder” form of elevated mood called hypomania – not the full on mania people usually associated with Bipolar.

I’ve been stable for quite a few years now, but Bipolar is a “serious mental illness” (and comes under the psychosis category although I don’t consider myself “psychotic”!!), so it’s something that needs to be considered and managed through out the pre-conception period, pregnancy, and post-partum…
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