About Wannabe Mama

So, you must be wondering “Who is Wannabe Mama?”. Well I’m not going to tell you, at least I’m not going to disclose my identity. But what I can tell you a bit about myself…

At the point of starting this blog I’m a 33 year old, well educated, professional living and working in London, UK. I’ve reached a stage in my life where my biologically clock is ticking so loudly that, after years of failed relationships and disappointments, I have decided to make my dream of motherhood come true on my own – yes, not only do I wanna be a mama, I wanna be a single mother by choice (SMBC, also known as a “choice mum”).

I’ll admit that I’m a little jaded and annoyed that I’ve had more than my fair share of immature, devious and commitment-phobic men in my past; but I’m also relieved and liberated by my confidence and security in the knowledge that I can do this alone. I won’t be embarking on any new relationships with “baby goggles” on pressurising myself and skewing my judgement of a man’s character because I’m so anxious for him to be the one.

I know single motherhood won’t be easy, but nevertheless I’m excited (even if a little scared) to be embarking on this journey and I’m willing to share my story as a place to journal my thoughts and feelings, and in the hope that I’ll meet some supportive readers to take along for the ride.


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